Frequently Asked Questions


What are the sizes of the windmill heads and fans?

How tall are the windmills?

What are the measurements at the base of the windmill stands?


What lumber is used for building the stands?

What materials are the windmill heads made of?

What kind of bearings do you use?

Do the windmill heads have a brake?

What are the options for the fan blades and tail?

Do you offer custom tail designs?

Do you provide assembly instructions?

Do you have a video showing how to assemble the windmill head?

Do you have a video showing how to assemble the metal stand?

Do I need the large flat washer on the 30", 38", and 47" windmill heads?


What payment methods do you accept?

Do you offer a layaway payment option?

Do I have to pay sales tax?

What are the wholesale prices?

Shipping / Delivery / Setup

What is your shipping policy?

Which products can be shipped, and which require delivery?

What is the process for replacing a part that was damaged during shipment?

What is the delivery charge?

Do you charge a set up fee?

Are the products available for pick up?


What is your privacy policy?

What are your terms of service?

What is your return policy?

Do you have a warranty?

If purchasing the windmill head, are instructions included for building the wood stand?

What are the tool requirements for building the windmill stands?

What are the lumber requirements for building the windmill stands?

How do you anchor the windmills?

Does the fan turn?

How do you make the fan spin slower?

How do I stop my fan from wobbling?

How do I make the windmill head pivot easier on the vertical shaft?

How do your windmills hold up in strong winds?

Are your windmills more durable than the cheaper garden windmills?

Will your windmill head fit on my existing stand?

Can these windmills be modified for pumping?

Can the decorative windmill fans be used on a windmill?

How do I mount a decorative windmill fan to a wall?